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Moving property files outside jar in spring standalone application

In one of Spring standalone project, we needed to move the property files out of the jar for easy configurability.
I followed following steps:
1. Move property files out of JAR and put in a directory say “target/lib”

				<copy todir="target/lib" overwrite="true">
					<fileset dir="src/main/resources/">
						<include name="*.properties"/>
						<include name="*.xml"/>

2. Exclude inclusion of files from the JAR. This will include only .hbm files in resource and any XML file in META-INF (I wanted to keep application-context.xml used by spring inside JAR)


3. Use maven-jar plugin to include class path information in MANIFEST.MF. This one is MOST important

           					 <Class-Path>. lib</Class-Path>

a. Use “classpathPrefix” to specify folder name in which all properties will be placed.
b. Use “Class-Path” to specify the folder. “.” Indicate current folder, while “lib” specifies “lib” folder in same directory as JAR (I have used lib).
4. Changes in spring application-context.xml
a. Add line to look for property file in declared class path

<context:property-placeholder location="classpath*:**/, classpath*:**/” />	   

b. Add line to import resources from class path

		<import resource="classpath*:**/dao-config.xml"/>	 

This is all which is needed. Run maven target as –X clean install and it should Generate a lib folder