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All of sudden build failing in FLEX -Problem: failed to create task or type mxmlc

I upgraded JAVA version and after that all of a sudden FLEX project stopped compiling. It started throwing following errors:

C:\workspace\CSB_d3csb52\Source\build.xml:93: Problem: failed to create task or type mxmlc
Cause: The name is undefined.
Action: Check the spelling.
Action: Check that any custom tasks/types have been declared.
Action: Check that any <presetdef>/<macrodef> declarations have taken place.

I spend quite a time fixing this issue, so decided to put it here so that some one else might find it and save time -I found two reasons at two different occasion for this:

  • If it’s a ant script build, verify in the that SDK location is specified appropriately.
  • Open flex build setting (right click and select properties). On JRR tab, make sure that build is set to run in same JVM as flex. If it’s configured to run in separate JVM, then also this issue is encountered
  • Select same JVM for compiling