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Getting started with Java interview questions

Are you getting ready for your next career move? And Java is your preferred tool -well its worth getting through interviewers mind set and acquaint with commonly asked questions. Yeah, agree, a simple Google search will get you a “lot of stuff” -one specific can be tried here. In fact this is bit uncommon, I have not faced 50% of these in any of my interview! but then who knows, writer can turn out to be next interviewer 🙂

Top 10 mistakes by Java programmer

Recently stumbled upon this post which outlines few common mistakes made by Java Programmer. Forgetting to write break statements in switch case constructs reminded me of my initial days -although now editors are capable to giving a warning about such oversight. Running a code quality will uncover few of these errors as well for example resource not closed or probability of getting ConcurrentModificationException. But  a good read, complete article here: