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Never use data which can be localized as part of business logic

I was reviewing a code and came across something as

public doSomeStuff(String shortMonthName){
 //do something}

In this code client passes a month name based on which some logic is executed.

At first it might look as whats wrong? hmm ..what if in future multilingual support is introduced -the month names will be localized and the client supplies equivalant of “jan” in a language other than english –it will simply fail.This is a very simplistic use case, but hope I make my point

Never use data which can be localized as part of a business logic 

Path parameter to FileInputStream

A basic discovery about FileInputStream 🙂
FileInput stream always takes a absolute path

new FileInputStream("must be an absolute path")

.. if a relative path is given and even if that relative path is added in the class path then also it will not work.